Afro Eights - A Game of Tribes

Revisit an old classic with an African twist!

Crazy eights with African rules and African style

It began many years ago when our four chiefs argued about whose tribe was the trickiest, luckiest and all round smartest!

An argument which grew to involve each member of the tribes, from the queens to the witchdoctors.

Now it's your turn to build your tribe and show you’re the smartest - but be careful, everyone’s got a trick up their sleeve!

AfroEights - A Game of Tribes features our specially designed Afro Deck, exclusively from BantuVision.

Play against the AI or use the multiplayer function to play against your friends or other online gamers. Each game is a battle to win points for your tribe, with extra points awarded for how quickly you win and doing it style.

There are lots of secrets to unlock and enjoy in this family friendly game.

Please note, all images are registered intellectual property of Dr Robert Maweni and not for reproduction or use without expressed consent from the owner.

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