Free Range Game

Free Range is BantuVision’s venture into gaming, though, Richmond Mouti already has qualifications and experience in this field. It is a fun 3D endless runner mobile game inspired by the beautiful African landscape and common African experiences. It is built around Ledi, an African Free Range chicken with an attitude who is trying to evade and trick pursuers who are trying to eat her for Christmas dinner.

Zed the Zebra

We have teamed up with eBotswana, a Botswana based television station, to produce an animation for children (titled Zed the Zebra) which is currently in development and for which we expect to produce a number of pick up and play children’s games.

Bun Bun & Friends

This series features Bun-Bun and her many adventures, which include solving problems, sharing, cooperating and learning from friends.

Afro Eights

African themed customised AfroEights Card Deck and online multiplayer Crazy Eights game!

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